Aesthetic Advancement of Wedding Photography


“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”- Henri Cartier-Bresson. 





Remember those times of simple, standstill photographs in weddings with no themes and boring videos, where we had cameramen approaching us asking to LOOK HERE, SMILE AND POSE for the camera at every interval. And look now, how our emotion is captured without us knowing about it. Times are changing and what used to work being a wedding photographer 10 years ago won’t possibly work now. From black and white to color and from color to digital, there has been a major shift in photography styles and since then, even digitally, you can see the transformation of the photos and videos in wedding industry.  







Indians, as we know, have been spending a lot, be it money or energy on the weddings since immemorial times and it’s very prominent that a wedding holds the utmost value to any family. Hence, the wedding was captured quite conventionally. The idea behind hiring a cameraman, around a decade back was to capture the wedding as an event and not as an emotion and so the results were typical and basic. I am sure you all are feeling nostalgic as many of you must have witnessed such phase of photography. There was a standard pattern for clicking photographs where people used to pose specially for the camera and even photographers had to coordinate with people to get pictures clicked. How interrupting was that? But it started to change slowly with the outset of new ways of capturing, which is capturing the actual, unplanned moments of someone’s emotions, be it cheerful or sad without them getting conscious.


And with this, eventually videos also started taking a new turn and became more cinematic and lifelike. Indians were awestruck with this pattern and the demands raised and grabbed attention from all the set of people and typical traditional photography took a back seat. 





Now, not only the photography industry is completely saturated with the new creative photographers, but also the way a photographer markets his work has also changed majorly with the influence of social media market. Social media is growing with such a fast pace that everything is done keeping in mind the social media norms and what is required or what will stand out in social media to gain more and more appreciation. With the growing social platform, there are many apps and websites that have changed how people want their photos to be taken. Looking back from now, the social media platforms, like Instagram, or Pinterest hardly existed and Facebook also was in it’s infancy, so there wasn’t really any stress of how to get pictures clicked, or how to stay in trend or grab attention. But now, with films and fashion along with social media influencing the market, people have a set idea already on how they want their wedding to be planned and even documented. And so, photographers have to keep on experimenting and are open to new ideas and innovation unlike earlier where photography was stuck to a particular pattern.



There are number of different approaches a photographer takes, like a Conceptual, Editorial, Vintage, Contemporary, Aerial,

 even black & white and many more to deliver the best of best to the client. 



Weddings in India are majorly celebrated so the zeal and the energy people have was never displayed with the old pattern of photography unlike now, where it's best reflected in the pictures and videos. It’s really intriguing that how wedding photography industry has grown in last decade and has become so client oriented as it’s more realistic and can create fun and playful pictures. Even with the beaming prices, wedding photography is touching heights and is favorite among the crowd. 




Written By - White Frog Productions on 30 Oct, 2018