It's No Candy to get the perfect Candid Shots.



Candid style of photography is increasingly becoming popular among all the set of people. People are moving away from the conventional style of photography and opting for more natural and subtle style of photography. It’s better to have real emotions captured than capturing someone sipping drinks, flat faced. You’ve got to feel the actual emotion of the moment and when the weddings are celebrated with such zeal and are filled with bundle of emotions, it becomes imperative to capture those.

But it’s easier said than done. It’s a default notion that capturing candid moments is not much of a job, a photographer will just come and shoot as many pictures of people as possible. NO! It’s not easy for a candid photographer to shoot for the images that make your special moments even more worthwhile. It takes so much planning, efforts and courage for a photographer to acquire the unnoticeable details of your wedding to cherish for in future.




The first and foremost challenge for a candid photographer is to build a trust factor with the client. He has to make sure that the client trusts him to deliver the best of best product. He has to build up that confidence that he will make their wedding pictures look exactly like they had imagined.






Face The Lightings


They have to go through the lighting issue. Because candid photography is not something that you can pre plan. It's more spontaneous and natural so they have to manage with whatever lighting there is and have to make sure that the lighting doesn’t effect the feel of the moment, be it the natural light or artificial light. And so, they have to keep on fiddling with the camera settings for every lighting condition and that’s why they have to be quick and comfortable with their camera to keep up with the trust you showed in them.






Manage Through The Crowd


Clicking candid pictures in the cluster of people is not easy. It takes patience and endurance for a photographer to look up for the shots in the bunch of people. He has to manage to capture moments without letting people know. Mostly, when the photographer thinks he is getting a great shot, and by the time he presses the shutter button, the golden moment is gone. So he has to stay on his feet, vigilant,  to make sure no precious moments are missed because for a candid photographer capturing the real emotions at the right time, in the right quality is what its all about. The delay in shutters just ruins the moment. He has to balance time with speed.






Other Teams


Just imagine a wedding with all the people standing here and there around the stage and sometimes there are other teams of photographers crowding the bride and groom too, blocking the vision of a candid photographer. So he has to sneak around and manage his shots accordingly, also making sure that the bride and the groom are at their best, self involved and that he is not distracting them and making them conscious to pose for the camera which is not easy with such clustered surroundings.



Great candid photographs don’t just miraculously occur. The photographs you see take skill, preparation, artistic flair and meticulous attention to detail. A traditional photographer can rearrange people and make them pose and get pictures of every single person, or recreate the moment unlike candid photographer makes it seem like a story displaying emotions and captures rare moments that would otherwise be unnoticed or forgotten. So, he has to be impromptu and cannot complain that he is not able to get a good shot or there were too many people crowding you, or he missed this special moment. A candid photographer has to maintain that trust and confidence his client has shown and it’s his responsibility to deliver the best outcome. Candid photography in itself is a challenge and the photographers take up many other challenges to achieve this one challenge.   








Written By - White Frog Productions on 30 Oct, 2018