Pre Wedding Story in Ethreal Hills of Narkanda



Swati and Aditya's beautiful pre wedding shoot in enchanting hills of Narkanda, Himchal Pradesh is definitely giving us some pre wedding goals. This beautiful couple decided to choose Narkanda as their pre wedding location because of some personal significance. And as we all believe and know, that when a place holds some personal significance, then the shoot and the story naturally tends to come in a more delightful way. 


Our couple decided to play very subtle and calm with their looks, adding a slight bohemian touch. They also didn't want their pre wedding to be captured in a quite usual way. They were open to creative ideas and wanted a more playful pre wedding story unlike the typical romance filled pre wedding shoots. And it's clearly evident that this couple had super fun while shooting and totally acheived what exactly they had thought of of their pre wedding. 




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Written By - White Frog Productions on 03 Dec, 2018