Editing is a real job




Wedding photography takes up a lot of a photographer to achieve what a client is expecting. Good photographers have a lot of pressure and responsibility to deliver the best product and achieve their own set target. It’s a continuous process of constant effort and staying committed to the expectations of the client. As strenuous as wedding photography is, editing is even more complex and time consuming. It doesn’t matter how good a photographer is, photo editing always plays a fundamental role in the final result of an image. People think that they are paying a photographer just for the time they 'show up', but that couldn't be true. Because for every one hour or two hours of photography there will be four to eight hours or may be more of editing and post-processing, and other miscellaneous business tasks associated with that event or session.


There’s more than just adjusting and cropping


When someone says “I am a photo editor”, It’s very basic of people to think that he’s just adjusting brightness/contrast or just correcting spots, cropping the pictures or rotating them. But what they don’t know is the actual effort a photo editor puts to make your photo look the best and deliver you the series of a fairytale. Along with the above mentioned, there is light correction, frame correction, beautifying the image, adjusting white balance and many more such things. People don’t understand the time and patience that’s required to edit a series of pictures.







Photo selection is stressful


The most important part of editing is selecting the photos from ‘n’ number of photos that were clicked at the wedding. To cut down the time in photo selection process, it gets important for a photographer to make sure that the photos that are clicked at the wedding are of high quality first, and captured properly, so the better the photos are from the time of the shooting; the less time a photographer will take to select the photos later. He is required to have great photo editing skills in order to select the photos for the collection, because any random photo cannot be just selected and edited. An 'eye for details' is required to select a photo and edit it.









Photo analysis


With every step, the photo is analyzed for every technical issue, shooting error or editing mistake. Photo editing is not a task that could be done in just one sitting, it requires patience and skills to make the most mesmerizing pictures. Many of you think that it’s not a real job to do and it’s quite easy to just edit few selected pictures but it can take up to months in editing the photo and getting the desired effect.





Is it important?


Of course it is. The photographer’s goal is to capture the essence of the moment, of the person, of the day, and distill it into something you will want to look at over and over and over again, because it reminds you of a feeling, an emotion and it brings that feeling back every time you look at it. And every photo is edited individually keeping those emotions in mind. Photo editing makes the photo watching experience even more worthwhile.


It is the artistry and effort that a photographer and a photo editor puts into taking those pictures and creating more than just a snapshot. Creating something that will take you back to that perfect moment and fill you with all the love, hope, and joy of that moment all over again. It’s the effort and skill of a photographer and a photo editor that is valuable and fulfilling.





Written By - White Frog Productions on 30 Oct, 2018