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Japneet & Arjun | Patiala Wedding

Seldom does it happen that we are left enamoured of the couple and their love for each other and everyone else around, the friends, the family, even us! This 3-day long absolutely exhilarating celebration of Japneet and Arjun's wedding in Patiala was truly something we'll hold close to our hearts forever. The contagious energy of the place and the people, the warmth in everyone's tone, the charisma of the couple and just the mood of the event overall was amazing and unmatched. We wish one of our favourite couples, lifelong happiness, togetherness and craziness. We hope that this video reminds you of the best three days of your lives. Cheers!!

Naman & Milii - Lockdown Wedding Trailer | Noor Mahal, Karnal

n the times that we are in, daunted by the COVID-19 scare, there have been several changes - major and minor, internal and external, personal and societal, that we?ve had to familiarise to. One such change was making your wedding a highly intimate affair. Not only cutting down on your guest list but also astutely getting a small but efficient vendor team together, whether it?s the decorators, event planners or the photographers. Naman and Milii had to face some different sort of problems and challenges in the run up to their wedding and boy, was it all worth it! However small the gathering is, you still need to do the meticulous wedding planning as is. It was a fresh experience for us as photographers/cinematographers too. Things were taken at their pace, there was no rush and communication was much easier and hassle free. Covering just the couple and their immediate families was such a fun and exciting process. Cinematographer & Editor: Madhavi Photographer: Kunal

A Jim Corbett Wedding

Two people who have not known companionship otherwise - Rachana and Madhur. ?It was about time we get married? is what Madhur told us when we asked him what made him feel it was the right time! Their togetherness spans over a decade. It was a surreal and intimate marriage in Jim Corbett for these two, and what a lovely experience it was!

WFP Showreel 2018

This past one year was packed with so many experiences, enterprise and relations. We have been tripping balls at each of our shooting experiences whether it has been something as spontaneous as a wedding, or something as scripted as a fashion reel or a corporate ad. We have tried to sheath it into one showreel that pretty much summarizes our 2018. We also thank each and everyone who has been a part of our journey so far.