Frequently Asked Questions

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q1. How much do you charge per day?

Ans: Our charges for photography and cinematography package range between 1.5 to 2 lacs per day, depending upon the magnitude, size and scale of the wedding. However, we don't like to confine ourselves to the budgets when we see forthright opportunities and excitement in the project. We believe two entities should share the some rapport and have similar ideas, the budget can always be clinched after a meeting.

Q2. Can the prices be negotiated at all?

Ans: Good films can't be made being frugal minded! So it's okay spending a little more than what you had decided, as long as we're promising you a film close to your heart. Whether you need only photography, or only cinematography, or both, we can rework the budget as per your needs and requirements.

Q3: What all do the deliverables consist of?

Ans: We don't have a formal set of deliverables, so to speak. But here's what works for most of all

1) 500 - 700 Edited Pictures (For albums and social media)

2) A 5 - 6 Minutes Wedding Teaser

3) A 60 - 90 Minutes Full Cinematic Video

Q4. How and when will we have our final deliverables in hand?

Ans: You can have all the raw data within a week's time.

A 5-6 minute long teaser would be ready within 6-7 weeks of the wedding. We can exchange a few mails back and forth regarding the changes in your film. The quicker you are, the earlier your videos will be delivered. And finally the Full Video will be done and sent for reviewing purpose. As and when the video gets finalized, you can have the High Resolution copy after having cleared the remaining payment.

Q5. Do you travel to other cities too? How much extra would that cost?

Ans: Without a doubt! Who does not like to travel! Only, our travel, lodging and food expenses have to be taken care of. We also give you an option. In case you are unable to do all the necessary travel and lodging arrangements for us, we will willingly take care of it for ourselves. The extra expenses will be added in the final cost, which can be paid later.

Q6. Can we hire another shooting team along?

Ans: We suggest having a single working unit. It saves you much of chaos, confusion and hold-ups, and also cash. Plus when we are reassuring you the best output possible, you shouldn't be worried. Nevertheless, it's your big day and once-in-a-lifetime event after all, we'd understand if you want to be prudent about it and hire multiple teams. Having said that, we perform best when not choked and poked.

Q7. How many times are you open to incorporate changes we'd want in our wedding film?

Ans: We won't make a fuss about making changes, however, we suggest only 3 alterations, as long as it's going in the right direction. It works better when the background music and songs are suggested/selected by you, before hand.

Q8. How do we start the booking process?

Ans: You can reach us via mail, phone call, Facebook messenger or Instagram DM.

Email ID: /

Mob.: +91 9899263434 (Kunal) / +91 8377836046 (Madhavi)

Facebook: @whitefrogproductions

Instagram DM: @whitefrogproductions

You can say 'hi' along with your wedding date, function details, guest head-count and venue details, if secured. Also, if possible, we would like to meet you in person to discuss various aspects and this also eases you out before the main drill.

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